Let me be your muse

Many of us have a story to tell, share, or simply write about. Others may require a safe space to unleash their creativity and chart their own course.

This process consists of me holding space for you in a group of peers as well as alone to assist you in discovering your voice and the story you need or want to tell right now. It is about soul introspection and growth, as well as bringing you along in your writing process. As with all of the support I offer, there are no hard and fast rules here. Instead, you will be guided and nudged through your own process.

You may want to simply boost your confidence or begin a writing project; you may be far into a written piece and require assistance in talking through ideas; or you may simply want to write for your own healing.

Allow me to accompany you on your adventure. My approach is always to listen (with my inner ears as well) to what you’re saying and feeling, and to help you on this journey of soul development.