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For many years, I have worked with people in organizations to enhance their writing skills. When I started Communicating Simply, I devised a process that I called ‘Black Woman Writing’. As a Black woman who grew up in apartheid South Africa, I have experienced the fear of putting myself out there with my writing, the fear of not measuring up to peoples’ expectations, and the difficulty of overcoming the hurdles of my perceived lesser-ness. In this work I’ve also seen how writing in organizations can become disconnected from people’s realities.

Writing, I believe, can be a tremendous instrument for self-discovery, affirmation, soul growth, and, eventually, healing. As I envisioned it, Black Woman Writing incorporates soul contemplation, growth, and healing through writing; as well as writing from that soul reflection. It is about the process of soul growth as much as the end result.

Black woman writing has evolved into the processes below.

Righting ourselves, writing our stories

Many organizational stories go untold because people assume they lack the time and ability to write them. I assist organizations tell the stories they want to share about their work through workshops (yep, workshops are still a thing) and one-on-one coaching. There is a lot of soul growth and learning in the writing process, about ourselves, about others, and about writing. My processes include a mix of group learning and sharing sessions as well as one-on-one help for individuals.

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Let me be your muse

Many of us have a story to tell, share, or simply write about. Others may require a safe space to unleash their creativity and chart their own course.

This process consists of me holding space for you in a group of peers as well as alone to assist you in discovering your voice and the story you need or want to tell right now. It is about soul introspection and growth, as well as bringing you along in your writing process. As with all of the support I offer, there are no hard and fast rules here. Instead, you will be guided and nudged through your own process.

You may want to simply boost your confidence or begin a writing project; you may be far into a written piece and require assistance in talking through ideas; or you may simply want to write for your own healing.

Allow me to accompany you on your adventure. My approach is always to listen (with my inner ears as well) to what you’re saying and feeling, and to help you on this journey of soul development.

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Journaling for joy

Journaling is my go-to tool for soul growth and writing, and I’d like to help you discover the incredible value it could add to your life.

Allow me to create short (half-day to two-day) retreats to help you refresh and reflect using journaling as the main tool for your internal deliberations and external transformation, whether you’re a team in an organization or a group of friends, a circle of like-minded souls, or a company looking for a creative outlet for your team (and yes, it is transformative).

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“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. Cleverness is mere opinion, bewilderment is intuition.”


“Not only are you the shadow that is dancing on the wall, but you are the hand that made the shadow and you are the light.”

Gill Edwardes

“In time, we shall be in a position to bestow on South Africa the greatest possible gift - a more human face.”

Steve Bantu Biko