bewildered is beautiful

Reflecting on the Hanged Man in the Tarot

Many people seem mystified by my love for the tarot. I get questions like, ‘When did you start?’ and ‘How do you know this?’ Occasionally I get strange looks. And I get it! I do. I come from a long line of Christians AND skeptics alike and I am a skeptic of note....

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The Spirtual Spitual Spiritual! is Political

Beloved Empath It’s fitting that my second ever blog will coincide with my first ever book! Yay Me! I had intended for this blog to be about something else – it was all quite serious and getting down to business and all that. And then other things happened. So let me...

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Bewildered is Beautiful

Bewildered: Mystified, awed, uncertain “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment Cleverness is mere opinion; Bewilderment is intuition” Rumi Beloved Empath So much of what we are fed is about certainty, about definiteness, about things being one way or the other,...

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